Neill Timmonds (Pronounced “Timmmmmonds”)

Deerfield Senior Manager and resident albino; seriously sometimes you wont see him behind the counter because he is transparent.  Best known for his leading role in the movie Cliffhanger (he played the mountain)

Favorite Movie: Cliffhanger because he was in it

Favorite Juices: Powerloader – Cream

Man Bun (AKA Chris)

This flannel wearing, top-knot sporting hipster spends most of his free time building crazy coils in the Boynton Beach store. While we poke fun at his poor hair style choice, we do not encourage the behavior – which is why we are offering a $50 reward for anyone who can free him of his modern mullet. #cutthebun #sorrynotsorry

Favorite Movie: Elizabethtown

Favorite Juices: Hero Alias – Peter


She builds, she games, she vapes (the complete package, they do exist) When she is not logging hours on League of Legends this proud Team SoloMid member enjoys collecting unicorn figures and Miley Cyrus posters.

Favorite Movie: District 9 | Closer

Favorite Juices: Traditional Black and Blue and Glas Pound Cake

Leigh AKA The Duchess

Our resident bubbly blonde is a #Selfie Queen! Super friendly and loves to chat but don’t be surprised if you loose her in the middle of a sentence to something sparkly. Don’t let the hair and high heals fool you, This mother of four sons loves to play football, ride dirt bikes, motorcycles and dig in and get her hands dirty. She is currently restoring her first El Camino with her hubby Tim.

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting, Pride and Prejudice, Zero Dark Thirty, Dirty Love, Faster, Fastest, Rudy

Favorite Juices: Cuttwood Sugar Bear just stole the Fav spot from 5 Pawns Castle long.


Senior manager of GCV Greenacres. Tim is a junior builder in the Vape world and a Master builder in the Motorcycle world. He may be a Jack of all trades but he is The King of vague questions and even vaguer answers!! Come and let him regale you with amazing stories about winning races and crashing motorcycles while he twists your coils!!

Favorite Movie: Rocketman, There’s Something About Mary, Three Amigos, Zoolander, Happy Gilmore

Favorite Juices: Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey Anml Looper


If you walk into the Greenacres store almost two things are certain: Cory will be there and he will be wearing a Star Wars t-shirt under his GCV polo.  But don’t let his stout appearance and country accent fool you, he is a big softy at heart, when he is not in the shop there is nothing he enjoys more than a good romcom and a snuggle buddy.

Favorite Movie: The Notebook, Phantoms

Favorite Juices: Cosmic Fog Milk & Honey Anml Looper


No he is not Kyle Beckerman or one of the twins from the Matrix Reloaded.  He is, however, Greenacres’ resident senior builder and connoisseur of aerial drones.

Favorite Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Favorite Juices: Powerloader and Boss Reserve


Good Clean Vapes Delray Manager and senior builder, Kat is most well known for her quick wit and interesting colored hair.  She has since cured her Bieber Fever with a shot of One Directions heartthrob: Harry Styles.  In her spare time she enjoys moonlit walks on the beach, taking selfies and playing with her reptiles.  It was recently discovered that she was raised by pygmies in zimbabwe, which actually explains a lot.

Favorite Movie: Labyrinth

Favorite Juices: 5 Pawns – Perpetual Check, Caterpillar – Ace of Spades and Cosmic Fog – Church


Resident geek and senior manager of Good Clean Vapes, Garrett is best known for his love of Star Wars (Episode 4-6 before Lucas messed with them) and his action figures he displays all over the shops.  He races motorcycles, listens to EDM and is a Nikola Tesla fanboy.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars (Episode 4-6), The Road Warrior, A Clockwork Orange, The Fall, Amadeus, Robocop, Aliens, Fight Club, Kill Bill, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, American Psycho, Dark Knight, True Romance

Favorite Juices: Uncle Junks – Jon Wayne, Alice in Vapeland – 15 Foot Falls, 5 Pawns – Castle Long Reserve