Good Clean Vapes Racing Tim Hunt’s six podiums at Barber Motorsports Park.

Good Clean Vapes Racing Tim Hunt’s six podiums at Barber Motorsports Park.

The entire TT Motosport/Good Clean Vapes Racing team was excited to get to Barber Motorsports Park for the WERA Regional event. For Expert Tim Hunt, it is one of his favorite tracks. Matt McCord has not raced in over nine years, Michael Zumbrum had never ridden Barber before, and Cory Hunt and Adrian Mitchell would be experiencing their first ever race weekend.

With no practice on Friday, the riders were fully aware of the difficult task at hand: to learn a new, very demanding technical track despite only two short morning practices. Saturday started off with torrential down pours in the morning. Both practices were wet and cold. TTMotosport/GCV Owner Tim Hunt had the daunting task of making sure all of the riders’ bikes and suspension were set up, as well as teaching them the new track on top of having his own races to prepare for. Towards the end of the morning the rain stopped and the track started to dry. All of the bikes had to be switched from wet to dry tires for the upcoming Solo 16 races.

Expert Tim Hunt started the race weekend off right by earning a spot up on the box. After a fierce battle with two other racers, he took the checkered flag with a second place finish in the Middleweight Solo 16. The new K-Tech suspension felt great at this track. It was Tim’s first time riding with it on a track with elevation changes and wet conditions. “The K-Tech felt great from the start. There was just few small changes that we will make for tomorrow but overall I think its 98% dialed in.” Tim stated.

For Sunday’s races, the rain was threatening all morning but by the afternoon it was hot and sunny. With every race came new track conditions for the novice racers to figure out.

Hunt was Happy with his finish on Saturday, but he felt with a few adjustments to the bike and feeling more relaxed on day two he could find his way to the top. With his first race, Tim took first place in C Superbike Expert with a commanding lead. From there he kept the winning streak through three more races: B Superbike Expert, C Superstock Expert and One Vision Senior Superbike Expert Middleweight. With Tim’s last race of the day, he was on a back to back to back and battled for most of the race but found himself just off the top of the box with a second place finish in B Superstock Expert.

Cory Hunt ended his first race weekend with a top five finish in B Superstock Novice.

Matt McCord finished out the weekend with a podium in One Vision Senior Superbike Novice Middleweight.

Michael Zumbrum took home a second in Heavyweight Solo 16 Novice, a third in A Superbike Novice and 3 top five finishes in A Superstock Novice, Formula 1 Novice and One Vision Senior Superbike Heavyweight Novice.

Adrian Mitchell completed his first race weekend with a top ten finish in B Superstock Novice.

Tim Hunt would like to say thank you to all of his sponsors for helping to make this a successful weekend.  Dunlop RaceTires, Arai Helmets, K-Tech Suspension, Orient Express, Good Clean Vapes, Ballistik Motorcycle Apparel, TT Motosport, GPR, Spectro, EBC, Vortex,  Motoheaven, Hel, Moto-D, Activer Shooter Photography Lee Feilds, We would also like to thank all of the people who stopped by our pits to wish us good luck. We appreciate your love and support!

Good Clean Vapes Tim Hunt Wins

Tim Hunt – Rider for TT Motosport/Apex Race Services/Good Clean Vapes

“The team had a fantastic weekend.  After a rainy Saturday, we all only had a few laps before the race.  But as usual my Dunlop tires on the Yamaha R6 felt like home.  The K-Tech suspension that we are running now is VERY good and with just a few adjustments our pace was very fast.  I’m really happy to have been able to compete with some extremely talented riders.  The crew gave me great support and a special thanks to Leigh Anna Hunt and Arlington ‘AJ’ Darr who worked very hard this weekend tanking care of five riders.As usual Aria Helmets and Ballistik Leathers gave me the confidence to push to the limit!!.” 

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